Design a logo and EP Cover with promotional t-shirt for punk thrash band Shattermouth. We provided a range of ideas for the project but these were the ones that made the cut with the client. Really happy with the results.

CD Cover

Shattermouth CD Cover

Above: CD Cover in jewel case. Below: Original print design of the cd cover.

The cover for the band’s Pandemic EP was inspired by the sugar rush of sweets like Skittles and Smarties that were a staple of life as a kid. 🙂

The band’s sound was high energy, so it seemed right that the Pandemic in question would be an outbreak of excitement and adrenalin for the ears of all who listened.

Just like the rush of eating too much sugar and bouncing off the walls!

T-Shirt Design

Iced Earth was a mooted song title and this t-shirt design was created to coincide with the planned release of the song as a way to build awareness and create excitement with a limited run of t-shirts that could be signed, sold or given away as promotional items.

Logo Design

Shattermouth Punk Thrash Icons Logo Design

Above: Logo design featuring Punk Thrash Icons strap-line and toxic fluorescent green accent colour as chosen by the band.

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